How Was My First Reiki Healing Session.

When I first decided to experience Reiki Healing I wasn't sure what to expect, as happens to many people. Usually people tend to think is a way of massage therapy. I've heard amazing things about Reiki and I was in a period of my life in need of help to overcome personal difficulties. Also, I was feeling lost, looking for answers to come to me from the Universe, so I decided to use Reiki Healing. What could I loose right? So I went there. Once arrived and welcomed, I was asked to removed my jewellery and watch before the treatment. The objects we wear all the time carry our energy, also the energy of the watch interfere with the Reiki energy.

The treatment room was quiet and peaceful, with incense smell, I could feel the good vibrations in the space. During my treatment I experienced a mix of feelings, many thoughts were coming to my mind, like things I had forgotten about. This could be because we tend to forget and bury things that hurt us, traumatic memories, people we love but we are not in touch any more or friends from childhood that you miss dearly.

Other things I could feel were the warmth coming from the practitioner's hands, the colours in my brow chakra, we all can see the energy with the third eye. I could feel the energy moving throughout my body, my body was completely relaxed, like if it was levitating but at the same time my body was feeling heavy, beautifully sinking in the couch. I didn't want that moment to finish.

Then my imagination went somewhere else, flying around the space, bathing with the solar energy. I saw myself flying in circles around Jupiter with one of my dearest friends form childhood. It is funny because is a person I stopped talking to since I finish school, but was always present in my dreams. Peculiarly in my constant dreams we were always fighting and I never had a clue why I had those recurrent dreams.

They say you should pay attention to your dreams after your first Reiki treatment, so I did. Surprisingly, I did have a significant dream with the same person I was having visions about during my Reiki session, but this time in the dream we were happy and peaceful. For the first time in many years we didn't fight in the dream, I knew it was something energetic, Karmic. I could feel it as the closing of a cycle.

After many more Reiki sessions I could feel my energy lifting, my surroundings changing and my thoughts becoming more positive. I wasn't depressed any more, I wasn't sad or feeling miserable for what ever external situation was happening in my life. I was in control of my feelings and my life. I finished with a toxic sentimental relationship, which after some time became a friendship. Reiki does that, helps you forgiving, loving without resentment.

Reiki was guiding me to take the right path, I decided to change my life completely. Changed career, the way I was loving myself and the kind of partner I was attracting into my life. Reiki heals Karmic relationships, our energetic bodies, physical body and much more.

It took me a while, you always have to start with baby steps. The experience was so gratifying that I decided to become a Reiki practitioner. Nowadays I am a Reiki Master, Reiki is always helping me in my life and my beloved ones.

Every time I have a Reiki Healing session is a different experience for me the same way it will be for you. We evolve continuously, so does the way we heal.

With much love.

Lorena Mondéjar.

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