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Holistic and alternative therapies for your body, mind and soul to help you find your inner balance.

What We Do

Usui Reiki

The Usui Method of Natural Healing is a system of receiving and passing on the Reiki energy. This is done primarily through laying on of hands. Reiki is energetic nourishment promoting relaxation, detoxification and a good overall balance within body, mind and soul.

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing

Crystal Healing is an ancient healing method to heal body, mind and soul. Gemstones work through vibration, colour and geometrical patterns. Crystals have a crystalline structure that connects with the body energy field (Aura) uplifting its energy frequency, activating Chakras and Meridian points.

Sound Healing

Quartz and Tibetan Bowls have the faculty to create healthier tissue in the body with a great organised crystalline structure. Sound waves release stress and cellular memory.

Physicists have found that the physical world is made up of vibrating energy. Every cell, atom and organ in our body is vibrating at specific frequencies. When there is an imbalance in the resonance or vibration of the cells or organs in the body, occurs the problem. We go from a place of imbalance to a place of balance bringing the original frequency of a healthy body.




Acu-Sound therapy is a non-invasive energy-based healing method carried out with tuning forks, working on the body Acupressure points in a safe manner.  Acu-Sound Therapy can be used to treat any physical and emotional issue, since its works at an energetic level. The Meridian points are stimulated with sound to resolve energetic disharmony. The Meridian system is in charge of transporting the energy (Chi/ Prana) throughout the body. There are 12 main meridian points which run through your body connecting your internal organs with your external body. Energy blockages can be the result of stress, an injury or trauma, or bad living habits.

Activate Your



All the therapies are non-invasive, safe and unique, adapted to your needs and to awaken your Soul's potential. Suitable for children and Mums-to-be.

 Lorena is an expert in the Holistic field, connecting to her Higher Self to welcome cosmic guidance and acting as a channel of Universal Life Force.

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