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Lorena is beyond intuitive. She is nurturing and caring through her treatments, and really wants to help you and offers outstanding services. She follows up with you after treatment and explains everything clearly and is very welcoming and warm to share her knowledge, insight and guidance. I never experienced anything like this before and have had many breakthroughs since the healing treatments. I will definitely be seeking more healing work with Lorena - truly authentic and connected :)



When I first contacted Lorena I was new in the healing world, indeed it was the first time I had a healing treatment. I emailed her and she explained me with detail how she could help me. I had a treatment where she used tuning forks and colour therapy to balance my meridians and chakras. It was very relaxing and a week after I could feel more uplifted and relaxed. She was very kind and professional. I really recommend her.



I had an Akashic Record reading by Lorena and I was asked to think of questions relating to myself e.g work, soul purpose etc. This was on a 1-1 basis and lasted about 1 hour.
Lorena was very compassionate and professional about sensitive issues that came up. She was spot on with the answers to my questions and enabled me to see the bigger picture as well as seek clarification on the questions I was asking.
Thank you Lorena I will most certainly recommend your services and give you 10 out of 10.

Green Leaf


Such an amazing experience!
Lorena is very experienced and helpful. She made me feel very comfortable throughout the session and I truly appreciate her and the help she’s given me.

Brown Wood


I've had different kind of therapies with Lorena.
Reiki, regression therapy and sound healing.
I absolutely loved it ... through this sessions she helps me to be a better and healthier person. In and out. I feel so much positive since I have met with her.
I highly recommend to try.
She is extremely qualified and experienced. You feel immediately in good hands and extremely safe with her.
Amazing experience!



I've been having treatments with Lorena for almost 2 years now and since the very first one she was really welcoming and professional. You can tell she really cares about you and you feel at good hands, that is what made me come back to her. She helps me feel more balanced and since I see her I am able to cope with stress. Every treatment with her leaves me feeling renewed and has a very positive impact in my wellbeing and life. I highly recommend her! Thanks Lorena!



Had a wonderful experience with Lorraine! After the session I instantly felt peaceful and very calm... feeling of lightness, like someone removed all the weight of everyday struggles:) Lorraine is a very experienced professional, since first minute she made me feel comfortable and relaxed, her methods felt very powerful and healing. I really look forward to coming back.



I did 2 sessions with Lorena, a Reiki and a Regression therapy. Both experience were very soothing and crucial information got out of these therapies. I felt at ease with Lorena; she makes you feel comfortable and ready to open up.



I was a bit nervous as it was my first past life regression experience but Lorena was able to make feel safe and completely at ease. I cant recommend her enough. With her guidance, I’ve been able to tackle some issues that were sitting in the back of my mind and heart and I'm so thankful for what I learnt through the session. I now feel empowered and more understanding about myself and the people I love. Thanks so much Lorena!



So thankful !! it has been a very good experience for me .
The way she did everything made feel better super relax and good with myself and my energy .



I had a reiki/crystal healing treatment from Lorena.
A truly relaxing and restorative experience.
I emerged feeling aligned, balanced, mindful and content.
Just what I needed.

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