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Growing up I was exposed to different forms of healing methods that are quite different from the more conventional processes we are used to. At a very young age, I was conversant with different healing processes like homeopathy, utilisation of crystals, nature, healthy eating, energy healing, and natural processes. The importance of these healing methods was inculcated by my mother and have thus, become a part of me. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that we do not necessarily need to visit a doctor to overcome several ailments.

I needed to understand these procedures even more. The only way I could make this happen was to broaden my knowledge of these practices. I began reading books pertaining to these methods owned by my mother. Some of these books were about past-life regression, essential oils, the purpose of the soul, and the meaning of dreams. I had and still have a passion for natural and alternative healing methods, and this led me to want to practice holistic healing and therapy.

My mother was a Regression Therapist, an energy healer, and my support system. She is one of the reasons why I decided to practice, as also helped me during some of my own healing processes.


My healing journey began at the age of 16 which was also my first introduction to regression therapy. It was an outstanding and overwhelming feeling as I was able to relive some feelings from when I was in my mother’s womb. It also helped me experience past life memories which have helped me overcome several disheartening experiences. I have also experienced several anxiety attacks and suffered from agoraphobia at a young age. My mum also helped me move past this as she is an expert in regression therapy. I was able to become healed in a few months without the help of any other treatment.

These and many other experiences also prompted me to get certified in various alternative treatments, in order to perform to the best of my abilities.




To properly exert my abilities, I decided to master several techniques pertaining to holistic and alternative healing and therapies.



I am well specialised in Regression Therapy and Past-Life Regression Therapy. I have done a great deal studying a master in Regression Therapy at the Spanish Institute of Regression Therapy with Cristina San Miguel in Barcelona, who has also trained with Dr Brian Weiss in the US. I was duly trained to use a wide variety of techniques including the very popular, “Brian Weiss System” and “San Miguel Method”, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian Hypnosis, Netherton Method, traditional hypnosis, Somatic hypnosis, and non-hypnotic methods.

I was also opportune to attend a Past Life Regression Workshop in London with Dr Brian Weiss, a prominent psychotherapist and the best selling author of several books like “Many Lives, Many Masters”, by Hay House.




Apart from regression therapy, I am also a certified Reiki Master and Teacher in the Usui method of Natural Healing in London, by Reiki Master and Teacher Michael Kaufmann.


Reiki Level 1 and Level 2 in the Usui method of Natural Healing.

Reiki Master and Teacher Level the Usui method of Natural Healing.

I also obtained a qualification in the teachings and practice of Japanese Reiki Techniques like;


  • Hatsureiho (invoking spirits) which involves; Dry Bathing, Soul Cleansing Breath, and Praying Hands Meditation.

  • Byosen (Sensation of disharmony).

  • Reiji-Ho (Guidance of the spirit).

  • Gesso Chiryo(Navel Treatment).

  • Seiheki Chiryo (Habit Treatment).

  • Hanshin Koketsu (Half body blood exchanging/cleansing).


I am also qualified to practice Space Clearing, Aura Cleansing, Crystal Healing, and Crystal Grids, and I am a member of the UK Reiki Association.



I am also a sound healer, trained to utilise several tools like Tuning Forks, Pure Quartz Crystal Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Drums, crystals, and other tools known to be effective by their vibratory healing power. I am very conversant with specific techniques to boost the immune system, help the healing process of the organs, restructure the DNA, balance Chakras, recharge the body with vital energy, and cleanse the aura. 



I hold a certificate in Acupuncture with tuning forks on the command points of the 12 meridians with Tama-Do, the Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. The technique was created by the renowned acupuncturist and musician Fabien Maman, also founder of Tama-Do Academy, after 7 years of research on the effect of sound on cells.


I also hold a certificate with Tama-Do Academy in Acupuncture with tuning forks along the spine, working on each vertebra of the spine, which are related to each of the chakras and meridians in our body. Working on the spine allows to dissolve any trauma stored in the vertebrae. This technique was also created by Fabien Maman, director of Tama-Do Academy.


I also hold a certificate with Tama-Do Academy in Acupuncture with tuning forks on the 8  extraordinary meridian points (8 Qi Mo). It's an advanced technique using tuning forks on the 8 Qi Mo points to elevate one's energies from the physical level to the chakras and the subtle bodies. 



I hold a certificate in Acupuncture Meridian Stretch by The College of Chinese Medicine in West London. This gives me the knowledge to work on the fascia in order to stimulate the Acupuncture Meridian points of the body to regulate the correct flow of Qi and blood throughout the different parts of the body and organs.



I am a certified level 1, level 2 level 3 (Automastery) Akashic Records reader trained by Amanda Selina in the Spanish School of Akashic Records (E.E.R.A), Madrid. She is a renowned Akashic Records Master, writer, and Akashic channel.




I am well acquainted with the use of a quantum analyser, a biofeedback computerised machine used to test vitamin levels, Acupuncture Meridian points system, and overall body functioning of a patients body.


You will be reassured to know that in addition to being highly qualified:

  1. I have the first-hand experience, being knowledgeable in several areas of specialisation, I am well equipped to provide the best services to patients from all walks of life.

  2. I continue to stay active in my training by attending continuing professional education opportunities.

  3. I take my own health seriously by doing regular Reiki and Sound therapy self-treatments, working on my acupuncture points using calibrated tuning forks to promote the correct flow of Qi (energy and blood) in my body, using crystals every day to treat any imbalance and to keep my body and mind healthy in the stress of the city life. Exercise and meditation are essential, also doing regular Aura and space cleanse to have an energetically hygienic body and house.  I eat healthy, following a vegan diet, free of processed foods and drinks. 

  4. I am also a member of the charity Healing Hands Network treating victims of war suffering from PTSD.

Dr Brian Weiss
Reiki Healing training

Lorena with Michael Kaufmann and colleagues during Reiki Master & Teacher training.

Lorena with Dr. Brian Weiss during Regression Therapy workshop in London.

"Each patient carries his own doctor inside him."

Norman Cousins

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