What is Aura Cleansing and Recharging?


The Aura is the energy field which is inside and around the human body and every being. Composed of different layers called subtle bodies: mental, emotional, etheric and physical.

We do not fall sick in one day. The disturbances are seen in the Bio field or Aura much before ailments strike with symptoms of disease.


Past memories or trauma remain in our Aura as scars or tears, which can affect the physical body. A tear in the Aura causes energy leaks, when we have energy leaks we tend to feel fatigue, health problems, easily affected by other people's mood.


Every matter is an expression of the spiritual world, so every time we elaborate negative thoughts or negative beliefs, the feelings caused by them create a dark and dense energy block in the Aura.


The Aura Cleansing and Recharging is very important to keep a hygienic energy field in order to have a healthy physical body and healthy thoughts and feelings. What we send to the universe comes back to our lives, so we want to send high vibrations to receive good vibrations to our life.


From the point of view of our organism operation, it is very important that our energy vibrates in a positive frequency to have a good functioning of our body and organs, since the energy will flow correctly when the energy blocks are removed from the Aura.



What are the benefits?


  • Clear energy blockages that can trigger illness

  • Keeping a strong Aura helps to boost the immune system

  • Shift of energy levels

  • Opening to more prosperity, channels wealth & good luck

  • Positive approach towards life

  • Glowing look

  • Peaceful and harmonious thoughts

  • Clarity of mind



How does Aura Cleansing & Recharging work?


The aura contains a series of layers  –  the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Each impacts upon the other and therefore need to be treated in conjunction with one another, making clearing and cleansing the Aura extremely important.  Energy flows around our bodies via the meridians.  These feed all of our body parts and major organs. 


The Aura cleansing can be done in different ways, with the use of certain clearing oils, burning herbs (smudging), with energy work around the Bio field, with hand movements to draw out the impurities, with salt, visualisation, high vibration sound, with crystals and many other ways.


The practitioner works on the energy field of the body to unblock the chakras and remove the auric energy impurities from the field. After the clearing is done the practitioner proceeds to recharge the Aura. Sometimes is needed to recharge the whole body which might be depleted, other times only a few chakras might need recharging.



Subtle bodies

Subtle Bodies

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