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What is Chakra Balancing?


Chakra Balancing is an ancient practice to keep a healthy body and mind, it's related to Yoga philosophy. 

Chakras are energy centres or wheels divided into 7 areas, each of these centres identifies a core human need. 

I offer a Chakra Balancing treatment where I use my intuition doing a body scan to get a sense of the energy level of every chakra. I locate energy blockages in the chakras, to clear them with the use of essential oils, energy work, sound vibration, gemstones, colour and intention to increase the energy flow on each centre. 


When a centre is too open or too closed creates imbalances in our health and in different areas of our life. Sometimes the chakras spin in opposite direction, affecting also the energy flow in our body.

Every Chakra is related to different areas of our life and health. Think of the Chakra system as different organ sections along your body.



What are the Benefits?


Clearing, balancing and activating your chakras helps you feel lighter and with a clearer mind. Also helps you break with old patterns that you don't need anymore, in order to evolve spiritually and to attract new things into your life.

Chakra balancing promotes self-healing, balances body and mind, increases the energy flow to all organs and gives you a better understanding of your emotions and you can take control of your state of well-being.



How does Chakra Balancing work?


Chakra Balancing works dissolving energy blockages that might be created by a traumatic memory, a stressful period of your life, a poor diet and lack of energy practices. The daily contact with electronic devices in conjunction with a hectic lifestyle make us forget about energy practices that help us feel whole, energised, healthy and in control of our life. When one or a mix of the things mentioned happen to us, the energy stops flowing correctly through our body. We make sure the good flowing of the energy to heal different aspects of your being.

We have seven lower chakras along the body, which are the primary chakras, related to all areas of our life, body function and emotions. We also have higher chakras related to our spiritual side and the connection we have with our Higher Self.


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Higher & Lower Chakras

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Chakra Balancing with Crystals

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