Best Crystals For Spiritual Growth

To promote spiritual awakening and have a stronger connection to higher realms, our higher self and guides, we can work with Crystals to activate the energy centres of our upper Chakras.

The upper Chakras of our body are the Bindu, Crown Chakra, Third Eye and Throat Chakra.

blue crystals

You might be familiar with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat Chakra, but not with the Bindu Chakra. It's quite normal since the Bindu Chakra is not usually included within the seven traditional Chakras, but is a key Chakra for spiritual awareness. It is situated in the posterior side of the head, approx 5 inches (12,7cm) from the top of the head, between the Crown Chakra and the back side of the Third Eye.

*In the Tantric tradition, Bindu chakra is thought to hold a special nectar (amrit) which helps the yogi reach enlightenment.(Yogapedia)

The Bindu Chakra stores the information from our past lives and Akashic Records. The best crystal to read the Akashic Records and recall past lives is the Merlinite.


Merlinite is a magic stone that keeps within it the knowledge of shamans, alchemists, light and magic workers. It's combination of white and dark colour represents the spiritual and earthly energies, giving you access to the spiritual realms.

merlinite crystal
Natural Merlinite

Merlinite facilitates the access and reading of the Akashic Records and the recall of past lives, bringing magic into our lives allowing you to access other dimensions. Another of its properties is boosting one's intuition and inner guidance.


Blue Kyanite is one of my favourite stones for when I am in need of a strong connection with my spiritual guides.

blue kyanite
Blue Kyanite shards

At a spiritual level not only helps you to connect to your guides, but it also transmits and amplifies high frequency energies. Another good quality is that helps you attract your Light Body into the physical realm facilitating one's ascension process.

The Light Body, also known as Merkabah, is a subtle body that vibrates in a higher dimensional frequency, is the vehicle of the Soul and the higher consciousness to return back to the source.

Kyanite is a great crystal to align the Chakras and subtle bodies (mental, emotional, etheric and physical), it clears the Meridians and restores and regulates the perfect flow of Qi (Ki) along the body, balancing the Ying-Yang energy.

Kyanite does not need cleansing as it does not absorb any negative energy.


Selenite is like a master crystal, it cleanses itself and other crystals from negative energy, it cleanses you Aura, protects a house when placed as a grid inside the space placing one in each corner of a room or home, brings peace and calm, it can be used to clear an entity from someone's Aura, it promotes telepathic connection between two people and it's amazing for mediation or spiritual work.

Raw selenite wands
Raw Selenite wands

Spiritually, Selenite is used to open the Crown Chakra and the superior Crown Chakra, also called Soul Star Chakra. Having the Crown and Soul Star Chakra open facilitates connection with the Angelic realm, channeling healing energy and information from previous lives, present life and guidance from your guides and masters. It can be used for a psychic reading.

Selenite connects your physical body to the Light Body (Merkabah) and rooting you in to the earth aligning your spine. I personally use Selenite everyday placing one under my pillow for mental clarity, guidance, Aura cleanse, spiritual and meaningful dreams, and for protection during Astral travel.

Selenite can't never be worn during bath or swimming since it dissolves with water.


Angelite, a way to the angels. Facilitates a conscious contact with Angelic realms.

It's a great crystal to promote spiritual healing and psychic channelling. It elevates your vibration giving you access to a higher consciousness, helping you connect to universal knowledge, awakening telepathic skills and helping with Astral travelling.

Angelite tumbled stone

Astral travelling is done during sleep, the Astral body travels to other dimensions to visit other beings, to learn new things, to heal on a multidimensional level, to visit places.

Angelite raises the state of conscious awareness, being filled with compassion, it transmutes pain and disorder into wholeness. It is a consciousness stone for the new age.

Angelite crystal has to be cleansed with salt or the use of other crystals like Selenite, never with water, neither be worn in the shower, since it is a soft mineral.

With Light,

Lorena Mondéjar

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