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How Your Habits Affect Your Aura

Have you ever noticed that people with good habits tend to be more energetic, positive, healthy and they also seem to radiate a glow or light from their Aura?

That is because all you do, think, breathe, say and believe affects your energy levels and the electromagnetic field (Aura) that surrounds your physical body.


When we interact with other people and without noticing start talking about other people's matters, criticising, complaining or simply talking about negative stuff, we are lowering our vibration.

Instead, we should talk and think about positive things, compliment people, talk about topics we like and we want to attract into our life. Having positive and mindful conversations, don't only have a positive impact in our mood, but also raise our vibration helping us to attract people with positive attitude towards us, also opening the door for synchronicities.

Also notice the quality of your thoughts, they have an extreme power to change your mood, your energy and more importantly change your reality. We are creators of our reality, so use your mind wisely to attract the light that you need to have a positive attitude. The thoughts are linked to our mood, and having negative thoughts creates negative emotions, resulting in disturbances in the Aura, leading to a weak Aura and feeling energetically drained.

Guard your energy by selecting the people you are surrounded by. How they think and talk can affect also your energy, people with lack of motivation, meaning or direction in life can suck your energy, so protect your energy. If you realise every time you talk to someone they are being negative that can also affect their health and the might drain your energy if you allow it. don't give them the power and do not allow them to decrease your frequency.


Starting your day being grateful is a good habit that raises your frequency. Dedicating few minutes, right before you wake up from bed, to be grateful for the people/things/experiences in your life will change your day and expand your Aura.

Instead of focusing on what you don't have or what you haven't experienced, try to be grateful for what you have, the people in your life, the experiences you've had so far, the places you've lived and visited, be grateful for having a place you can call home, for having a roof over you, a place where you can rest, meditate, shelter, cook, make love and create memories with your beloved ones.

It is important t0 be grateful for the positive and the negative, because without the "bad" you could not appreciate the good, you could not evolve the way you are doing it, you would not be the person you are right now.

Try to include your loved ones in your "Being Grateful Ritual" and be grateful for their good health, prosperity and for having them in your life.


Having grounding habits will dramatically change your connection with Mother Earth, will balance your Root Chakra and open up your feet Chakras. It has also phycological and physical benefits.

Earthing, also called grounding, is the action of walking barefoot to re-connect the body's magnetic field to the Earth's surface electrons and energy. By walking barefoot, a transfer of energy happens from the ground into the physical body, balancing the internal energy.

Several scientific studies have revealed that connecting the body directly to the ground's surface energy (electrons) has a positive impact on the human's health and wellbeing. There is evidence proving that the Earth's negative charge when entering the body, which is electrically conductive. Creates a stable internal bioelectrical environment that benefits every part of the body, organs, cells and tissues, balancing and equilibrating them.

Overall, earthing will secure and anchor your energy into the ground, helping you feel more stable, physically and emotionally. It will also have a good impact in your life, balancing your Root Chakra, clearing and transmuting any blocked energy.

The Root Chakra is associated with the feeling of security and stability in your most basic needs - job, home, finances, food, shelter.


How important is to cleanse your Aura and subtle bodies? Well the answer is as important as washing your physical body.

Many people don't realise or are not aware of energy, since only few people can actually see the energy, others can sense it or touch it, it depends how sensitive and how awaken you are. But because we don't see it or touch it doesn't mean is not there, we are in fact made of energy in a dense frequency, but there are more subtle energies, not perceptible for the human eye, that are in constant interaction with our magnetic field.

When we socialise, go to a public space, use the public transport, have an argument, experience a negative or traumatic event, etc, other people's energy gets attached to our Aura, we create energetic cords to people we interact with on daily basis, and we also create low frequency energy that gets stuck in our magnetic field if not cleansed, released or transmuted.

So when there is a sense of not being grounded, or we have a cloudy-headed feeling, perhaps having thoughts or emotions that you don't recognise as yours, or having mood swings. It is a clear sign of energy stagnation in the Aura. These energies are blocking your true self, your path, your intuitive capacity and might even be stopping you from accomplishing you soul's purpose or plan. Therefore the importance of cleansing your Aura regularly.

I explain on another blog how you can cleanse your Aura easily at home.


Listening to high frequency music can expand and strengthen your magnetic field.

Classical music has extremely good benefits to balance your energy, your brain hemispheres, helping you have a better quality of thoughts, reduce stress levels and lighten up your heart, spirit and Aura. It is also helps increase dopamine secretion, helping you being happy and in a better mood, and a happy person has an illuminating and strong Aura.

Many studies have proven that classical music helps relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety.

There are many styles of mindful music you can listen apart of classical music. Like the sounds of nature, native Indian flutes, mantras, shamanic drumming, which is very grounding and goo to connect with the four elements.

  • Dancing freely in your room to move and release blocked energy in your Aura, subtle bodies and Chakras.

  • Having a healthy and conscious diet full of vegetables, fruits and lots of water. Water is very important to conduct higher frequency energy.

  • Avoiding the consumption of alcohol and drugs.

  • Practising energy exercises like Yoga, Qigong, breathing techniques, Tai chi, activation of energy centres, Chakra balancing guided meditations.

  • Being kind to yourself, dedicating time to treat yourself and using loving words towards your being.

With Light,

Lorena Mondéjar

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