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How To Cleanse Your Aura

If you ever feel down or too dense and you wonder why, you might be in need of an Aura Cleansing. Aura Cleansing helps you remove negative and low energies your subtle bodies pick up on your way home, at your work space, public spaces, public transport or just when being around a toxic person.

Here I am going to give you few simple steps for you to include in your routine to help you feel lighter, help you with mood swings, have more positive thoughts, keep a healthy Aura and Body and attract the kind of people you want into your life.


You can cleanse your Aura every time you shower, let the water run and feel how the water sweeps down any unwanted energy. Visualise how the dirt and low frequency energies leave your auric bodies running down the drain. If you have any salt body scrub could be helpful, detoxifies your physical body and purifies your Aura. Salt is a powerful energy cleanser.


Another way to cleanse your Aura is with aromatic smoke. Some options are the following: Rue, Copal, Juniper, Frankincense, Myrrh, Palo Santo and Sage.

Rue is a herb to cleanse negative energies, also helps to break bad eye.

Copal, Frankincense and Myrrh are tree aromatic resins to purify, helps you feel better and protects you.

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America. It's name is in Spanish, in english meaning Holy Wood. This sacred wood also has therapeutical and healing properties.

Juniper are dried berries, burn them to cleanse your Aura, home and bed, to bring good luck into your life, it's very powerful cleansing unwanted energies.

Burn them in a censer with some charcoal and receive the smoke, you can use only one or combine them.


Use visualisation exercises to cleanse your energy field with your hands and the Violet Flame. Visualise the Violet Flame coming out of your hands and ask it to cleanse any unwanted energy from your Aura, at the same time you sweep down the energy from top to toe. To finish sweep the energy from your hand releasing it to mother earth and asking the Violet Flame to transmute the energy. You can repeat it few times, also cleaning the lower subtle bodies: Mental, Emotional, Etheric and Physical.


Another good way is to make an aura cleanser oil. Pour any base oil into a small recipient, like almond or grape seed oil, and mix it with your favourite purifying essential oil. I recommend you use Frankincense essential oil. Put some on your wrists and hands and swipe down from top to toe, repeat few times. Don't forget to cleanse your hands at the end and release all energies to the earth. Do it every night before going to sleep to keep a healthy and harmonised Aura, or whenever you have a tough day or after an argument.


You can also use some crystals if you are a crystal lover like me. Tourmaline cleanses the Aura, aligns the Chakras and the Meridian points and creates a circle of protection around your body. They transmute bad and heavy energies into lighter ones. Other good crystals are Ametrine or Red Jasper to carry with you, they have powerful cleansing properties. Ametrine is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. Use a Selenite bar moving it in spiral around your Aura to cleanse it, or sleep with a Selenite stone under your pillow for cleansing and protection during your astral travels.

With Light,

Lorena Mondéjar

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